Men;'s hair
Mens Haircut
mens haircut services
Color & Texture

Global Permanent Color


Shoe Shine Highlight


Highlights applied only to the tips of short cropped hair.

Balayage Natural Highlight


French term for freehand, brush on highlights.

Baselight and Balayage


Lightening natural color of hair one shade lighter and applying brush on highlights.

Grey Blending Gloss


All over semi-permanent sheer color that adds shine and can be used to enhance natural color and blend or cover gray.

Bleach and Tone


Express Smoothing Treatment

Men's Nail Services

Mens Manicure


Includes moisturizing soak, buffing and shaping of the nails.

Mens Pedicure


Includes aromatherapy soak, exfoliating treatment, massage, cooling mask and hydrating moisture.

Hand Treatment


Includes exfoliating, cleansing, massage and a moisturizing paraffin dip.

Mens Hair Cut & Style

Mens Haircut


Taper Shaper


Includes clipper tapering on the back and sides. Does not include shampoo.

Beard Trim


Mustache Trim